Frosty Orca (frosty_the_orca) wrote,
Frosty Orca

Devious Journal Entry

Ok, well uploaded 2 more photos to my DA account tonight. So now I'm that much closer to catching up with them. The first photo there is of Nakai, who is my orca, I love him soo much <3

Ice Ice Baby
by ~Frosty-Orca on deviantART

3's a Charm
by ~Frosty-Orca on deviantART

PS: Just as a community service I'm Pointing out this journal warning of bad business practices by the furry company, FurryGear
Tags: deviantart, frosty orca, nakai, orcas, sea world, swc
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Did you crop that photo of the three, or does your camera take panoramas?

One of the few things I miss about my old film camera was its ability to take those shots (it was an Advantix).
no, its slightly cropped, I shoot in very large sizes (3008x2000) Cropping is the ONLY thing i do in photoshop. I know i have said this before but... I DO NO PHOTOSHOPPING to my photos. I personally don't believe in tweaking photos. what you see is what i took. i personally feel that one shouldn't need to make corrections to there photos, that it should be don't at camera before the photo is taken *Shrugs*

oh, and as to the old advantix cameras, well it did'nt really shoot true panoramic photos, as the negative was the standard size, just when in panoramic more it had 2 horizontal bars on it, so when printed it was longer. but yeah... I'm soo glad i dont shoot with film anymore.
I recall you mentioning it. I was just wondering if pro-sumer stuff had a "wide shot" feature now.

As a non-pro, I miss being able to take the uber-wide shots. I also miss the lack of horrifically bad blurring.

However, the ability to shoot by the hundreds or thousands of shots makes it a hell of a lot easier to get a good one, so it really evens out in the end.