April 8th, 2007

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quick FL update

hey all, just taking a moment to make a quick little post.

I'm still in Florida with Sir Calafin and Sir Naketa.

i was officially collared by them on Saturday. so i am now like, ubberly there pet :)
and i got an awesome new collier as well.

the weather has been nice, though the last couple of nights have been oddly cool, but over all its nice weather.

many pics will be uploaded when i get back home and have access to my server again. thats the one thing i really hate about traveling like this, i have to rely on remote access to my server to do anything, and its really a pain, cause..well my computer is set up just the way i like it and stuffs, but i am making do with Sir Calafin's computer.

and of course I'm missing my friends back home, as well as all my friends who i jet to chat with who live all around the world. I'm sure that there will be lots of catching up to do when i get back to SoCal.

Anyways, I'm going to get going now,
I'll Squee all you laters
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