April 15th, 2007

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Home Again

so im back home now. i arrived at the Ontario airport last night a little after 9PM. my layover in Arizona was a bit longer than it was supposed to be, though why i don't know, i diden't really care at the time, and still don't. all i know is that my plane was more than 30 minuets late taking off. but you know, i really don't care. i am soo like... "what ever" when it comes to flying now a days, all i care about is that i end up where i am going.

i had a great time in Florida with my masters, and am already missing them, but i am glad to be home as well. though I'm now having to re-adjust to PST and everything, so i'm all like ubber tired. but i guess that happens to most everyone when they fly across country *shrugs*

anyhoo, just wanted to make a quick little post and say i was back home and everything
I'll Squee you all another time, but for now this orca is going to go and take a little nap