May 3rd, 2007

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Off to Califur

so in a few hours i will be heading off to Califur.

i mentioned this once before, but I'll say it again. during the convention my server will be with me, and thus my website and FTP server will be offline. However i will have net access as I'm setting up satellite internet for the con. so i will have access to e-mail and stuff, but i wont be reconfiguring my server to keep my web stuff online.

oh, and i meant to post about this a couple of days ago. but i had been planning on rooming with panictehnawt but the other day i got a message from him saying that something had come up and he was not able to make it to the con at all. this totally bummed me out, as i had REALLY been looking forward to getting to spend time with him and stuff. so now i don't have a room mate or anything which sucks for more than one reason. first off I'm on my own... i dun know why, but i really dislike the idea of being at a con alone like this. never have i not had someone sharing the room for me. it also sucks cause we were going to be splitting the cost of the room, so now i will be paying for it all myself. it isn't all THAT much, but it is doubling what i was expecting to pay, so i will have exactly $0 to spend at the con its self. so there goes any art i was going to try to get.

anyways, its like getting close to 6AM now, and i have to be at the hotel at 10 or 10:30AM, so I'm going to go load up my truck and maybe take a little tiny nap before going and running errands before i have to be there.

squee you all later!