May 24th, 2007

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fucking IP change

GOD DAMMIT my external IP changed tonight. i had to change my cable modemm out and in the update with my ISP my IP changed. i would just bitch at them but since technically i have a dynamic IP i really don't want to. but i have had as my IP for well a year and a half. now my IP is


this wont change all that much as my website still works thanks to my DNS software, but its still annoying to me, i had gotten very used to seeing my old IP and its what i always used to connect into my server remotely cause its a hell of a lot easer than putting in so either i have to try to remember a new string a numbers (NOT easy for a dyslexic) or I'll just have to use the URL

sorry, know this is rather meaningless in the long run, i just needed to have a tech rant