June 2nd, 2007

cute frosty


SO today i go off to a SCUBA expa at the Long Beach Convention center. I have been looking forward to going to this for a while now for many reasons. I have been wanting to get into scubu for a long time, (i am an orca after all) and this is a great way for me to get some info on stuff and all that. My dad used to do a lot of diving when he was younger but its been a while since he has done anything dive related so were going together. this way he can get caught up on things as well as keep me from feeling like a total newb there. besides anything that gets me out of the house and doing anything with my dad is a good thing.

then when i get back this evening from that (at about 4 or 5) i turn around and head off to the monthly furry get together. I'll brobebly till around 2AM.

so thats my days plans. other than that, not too much planned for this weekend, probably just rest on Sunday.