December 13th, 2007

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Compuer Hard Drive prices

so, I need a new OS hard drive really really badly. I have been using an OLD drive for almost a year now, and its a DMA100 and slow as shit, and literally slowing down my entire system.
so I'm going to bet a new WD Raptor drive. this one:
Newegg's price is $174.99 and shipping is only like $6 - $7

sometimes newegg has good prices, sometimes now. so like, anyone know of someplace that has them for significantly less?

oh, and newegg offers an extended warrant on the drive, where they will completely replace it if anything happens, one year is $29.99 and 2 years is $39.99

so... yeah, I need -need- this before FC, but I need to be careful not to brake the bank.