Frosty Orca (frosty_the_orca) wrote,
Frosty Orca

2007 Fur-B-Q photos

well Saturday the 23d was the annual SoCal Fur-B-q. I had a great time as i do every year. Got there at about 9 in the morning and didn't leave till 9:30pm (the park closes at 9PM.
as always my camera was with me and i took a fair amount of photos. a good amount of them turned out well, though i had more photos that didn't turn out than normal, but that was do to some rather annoying conditions that were really throwing the camera's sensors off. i took most of the photos in aperture priority mode.

if anyone would like to see them i have uploaded them to my Flickr account in the SoCal furry album. the album also includes photos from Califur0.3

my flicker page can be found at:
and the SoCal furry album is at:
Tags: frosty, frosty orca, frostyorca, fur-b-q, photos, socal furs
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