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refusal of business

I'm good and pissed off over this. and i mean PISSED OFF

At Califur this year I made an order with Furrygear to have a new tag made for my collar. Furrygear dose custom printing though a process called Die sublimation. It lets them print on several materials including aluminum and plastic. They are the only furry company that does it, and the only one who will do little one off things like this.

Anyways, the company is owned and run by a single person kaecyphet Some of you might already know this. But Kae and I dated, and were together for a while before things went to shit.
At Califur he was talking to me and stuff, and I flat out asked him if he was willing to do business with me regardless of what happened in out past. He said yes, so I placed the order AND paid him

like 2 weeks after the con I e-mailed him asking if everything was ok with the order and got an excuse that "they" were recovering from a large order that was made for Califur, and that it would probably be done in 2 weeks or so...
WELL after 4 weeks I E-Mailed him asking him how the order was going ok, and if he had my shipping address on file. I got a reply back asking for my address which I gave him. So then a while after that a letter shows up at my house addressed to me, and in it was a blank piece of paper folded with the money I paid for the order. Not a word was said about it.

So I have to say that I would not recommend furrygear to anyone, NOT for personal reasons with Kae, BUT for the business practices. The lack of communications, and the refusal of business because of personal issues. If this person is going to run a business he needs to run it like a business. And not take orders from people unless he plans of filling them.

So if you do decide on doing business with him, be careful as you may not ever get what you ordered, and even if you do, it might be months and months late.

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