Frosty Orca (frosty_the_orca) wrote,
Frosty Orca

Moving Orca

so, I'm FINALLY moving to San Diego. yay!
after driving down there and home to work at sea world all summer when doing Lighting and Stage I was already sick of the drive, and now that i have been working with Electronic services I am even more sick of it. working 4 8 hour shifts a week means i am driving 720 miles a week, and spending over 11 hours on the road every week, not to mention the 800$ i spend in gas.

you may have noticed how for the last 2 months i am basically never really online, well it's because i have been waking up between 2:45 & 3:00am and not getting home till 5pm, if not later. by the time i get home and do everything i need to do and eat dinner it's basically time for me to go to bed.

so yeah, now I'm in the possess of moving while still working so i still won't be online much, heck I'll be online less. but at least in a couple of week i will be living in San Diego and get a huge chunk of my life back.

I'm moving to a rather nice apartment in Pacific beach, about 5 miles for the park and a little over a mile from the beach, which makes this orca very happy, even if he's going to be a poor orca XD
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