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Frosty's happenings

The life of the semi albino orca

Frosty Orca
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Hey, if your bothering to read this all your probably one of my friends, or at least know about me :). If not, keep reading XD.

Names Frosty, Frosty Orca. I'm the only semi-albino orca known to exist. I spend almost all my time in my anthro form, though there are times you will find me out in the oceans swimming with a pod of feral orcas or dolphins, or playing in a kelp forest. Like all phins I'm very friendly and love to spend time snuggling and being affectionate. Nothing’s better than spending time hugging and snuggling... well almost nothing is better than that ;)

I’m a spirit fur, and my “character” is very much who and what I see myself as. What I do in character isn’t really different that that I would do IRL. The furry fandom has given me a place at which I feel home, and I feel that it’s a kind of family that I’m proud to be a member of, well most of the time.

Having said that, I give back to the community in every way I can, helping to keep things going. I am on staff at 2 furry conventions. At Califur I’m a lead of a department, and I’m on staff up at Further Confusion. I also help run the Furry-Furry online board, where I am a global administrator.

I have been accused of trying to be noticed and get others attention by doing these things. I would just like to take a moment and say that I don't do them because I necessarily enjoy them; I do it because it’s my way of giving back. As my friends can attest to, I work myself to the bones when doing cons, and spend a ton of time on furry furry where no one seas a thing of what I’m doing. I do it for you, for the furry fandom so I don't feel as if I’m only taking and giving nothing back in return.

If you want to get to know me better, to know more of who and what I am, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I am more than willing to talk to anyone. Or if you need some help with something, again feel free to send me a message and I’ll do what I can. I really love making new friends, and am always willing to give out hugs. ^.^

Online I can be found on many sites, if you want to track me down Google is your friend.
You’re most likely to catch me at the following sites, though I’m on many many more.
Fur Affinity
And at times http://chat.yiffstar.com/

Online I can be found on many sites, if you want to track me down Google is your friend.
You’re most likely to catch me at the following sites, though I’m on many many more.
And at times http://chat.yiffstar.com/

Most of the entries in my LJ are set to friends only, but please feel free to add me as a friend and I will do the same to you, thus giving you access to all the orca's thoughts.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

Scuba is love

Sea World is Love

In America, about 1 out of 20
high school students identify
themselves as gay, lesbian,
bisexual or transgendered.
I used to be one of them
I am Gay, and not ashamed

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